Different Paths to Becoming a Mediator

Pamela Aall

Director of the Education Program at the United States Institute of Peace

Interviewed by Julian Portilla, 2003

This rough transcript provides a text alternative to audio. We apologize for occasional errors and unintelligible sections (which are marked with ???).

...People get into mediation for completely different things, not because they know anything about mediation or even that conflict.???, who was the person who oversaw the mediation effort, it was an effort mediation when the UN came in after the Mozambique peace agreement was signed, when the UN came in you still had to deal basically with the conflict and so he spent a lot of his time mediating there. And he had worked for UNDP but his main experience in this field had been because he was a member of the parliament in Italy. He has a funny story in the beginning of his chapter, he thinks because his last name started with A he was first on the list and then if it had started with Z they would have never called him. You don't know but there was a kind of randomness in his mind about his selection.