Violence Prevention

Angel Alderette

Former CRS Mediator, San Francisco Office

[Full Interview]

Mostly were out there listening, and if you felt something was about to happen, then you got back with the staff, you got together and you talked about it, and you developed something. When we heard that Cesar Chavez was coming from Texas with his Texas group to meet with the Florida group and then march, we found out that the march was going to intersect at one point with a Cuban march that was going on at the same time. In some ways, the UFW Red and black flag sort of matches with the Cuban group's flag, whatever flag he waved, and they were going to criss-cross and we were afraid that if that were to happen, there'd be a tremendous problem. So what my boss then did, he went to the city folk and we went to the UFW people together and somebody else went to the Cubans. I don't remember exactly how it went, but the end result was -- and this was a very simple thing -- they just changed their routes a little. Everybody agreed to it, and there wasn't a fight. Maybe there wouldn't have been one anyway, but at least you prevented that possibility