Advice to Intervenors

Jayne Docherty

Eastern Mennonite University

Interviewed by Julian Portilla, 2003

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Don't think you're ever going to do the perfect process; nobody ever will. One of the things I've tried to be extremely clear with the FBI negotiators, is they were using in 1993 the very best barricade negotiating processes and practices that were available. We didn't know what we know now. Nobody — if they had gone to the negotiation literature, if they'd gone to the Harvard Negotiation Project, if they'd gone to George Mason's Conflict Resolution Program — nobody had a step-by-step easy answer for them. And the difference between their failure and the mistakes that they made and the mistakes that I might make in an environmental conflict is that they have dead people and I have dead trees, and nobody notices the dead trees, and everybody notices the dead people. So let us all be clear that we will never run a perfect process.