The audio clips below describe facilitators working in interfaith dialogues, problem solving workshops, and narrative workshops.
Mohammed Abu-Nimer asks what qualities are necessary for interfaith dialogue facilitators
Herb Kelman talks about the preparation and commitment needed to facilitate problem solving workshops.
Laura Chasin recommends that the first phases of dialogue proceed in a highly structured fashion.
Eileen Babbitt describes the work of Yona Shamir and the Center for Negotiation and Mediation in Israel. Shamir has worked to fight the pessimism that set in as the Palestinian-Israeli peace process unraveled in the late 1990s.
Eileen Babbitt discusses an application of what is called a "to reflect and trust" (TRT) process amongst Arab Israelis and Jews that aims to train facilitators. From there, the goal is to develop consensus building and problem solving skills.
Nancy Ferrell says one job of a facilitator is to model good process so the clients eventually can handle things themselves.
Mediator, Silke Hansen, says mediators and facilitators play many different roles in a case as it unfolds.