Grassroots Process Design

Many people discussed the importance of involving local people in the design of interventions.

Paul Wehr talks about the importance of "multi-modal," culturally-appropriate interventions.
Mediators should not overlook disputants' own approaches to conflict resolution, advises University of Wisconsin researcher Marcia Caton Cambell.
Kevin Avruch advocates a conflict resolution strategy that combines endogenous approaches and the insight of third party intervenors.
Robert Stains explains the importance of having faith in the people you are working with.
Peter Woodrow discusses how to design dispute resolution systems that are culturally appropriate.

Others don't believe this is necessary or even always appropriate:

Larry Susskind talks about how to institute the American model of consensus building in a variety of cultural settings.

Case Examples of Grassroots Process Design:

Andrea Bartoli talks about how the Catholic Church played the role of bridge builder and peacemaker during the years of civil war in Mozambique.
Eileen Babbitt describes an Oxfam project in Rwanda that aimed to scale-up interpersonal and local transformation to bring about societal transformation.
Ron Fisher describes the frustrations of peacebuilding in Cyprus over the last 15 years.