CRS Mediator Manuel Salinas describes how he identified key stakeholders in a community conflict.
Sometimes identifying all the stakeholders is a painstaking process, CRS mediator, Steven Thom explains.
Sometimes you cannot work with some leaders, but you can work with others, observes CRS Mediator Stephen Thom.
Renaldo Rivera explains how he identifies leaders in community conflicts when he doesn't know the community.
Sometimes, says mediator Nancy Ferrell, who is at the table and who isn't becomes a contentious issue. A key question is whether or not extremist groups should be represented.
ICRS Mediator Stephen Thom describes how some parties can help the mediator more than others.
Sometimes the leaders are not the people making the most noise, observes CRS mediator Bob Ensley.
Within-party differences are illustrated among whites, who are not, as sometimes assumed "all the same," says scholar-practitioner Wallace Warfield.