Trust Building

Silke Hansen tells how she develops trust with her clients.
Roy Lewicki talks about the difference between building trust and managing distrust.
Leo Smyth suggests that trust-building is not one-dimensional.
Eileen Babbitt discusses an application of what is called a "to reflect and trust" (TRT) process amongst Arab Israelis and Jews that aims to train facilitators. From there, the goal is to develop consensus building and problem solving skills.
The two most critical things you can learn are how to listen and how to "shut-up," says researcher Marcia Caton Campbell.
Laura Chasin describes a high-profile dialogue on abortion that taught both the parties and the facilitators a lot. Rather than claiming to be neutral, the facilitators acknowledged their views and their former involvement in the issue, which turned out to deepen the level of trust between them and the participants, even, to their surprise, with the participants on the other side.
John Katunga of Nairobi Peace Initiative (NPI) describes how the organization got involved with religious organizations in generating dialogue to deal with ethnic conflict.
Ron Fisher describes Track I-II coordination in Tajikistan.
Ron Fisher, of American University, talks about the need to rebuild relationships in Cyprus to bring about reconciliation.
Ron Fisher, of American University, briefly describes an information process in South Africa that helped restore trust between factions, paving the way toward a peace agreement.
Nancy Ferrell discusses the importance of trust in mediation.
Silke Hansen speaks about building trust between parties.
Silke Hansen explains that as trust is built between parties, their language and demands become more civil and flexible.
Nancy Ferrell explains that some situations call for "technical assistance," while at other times, "table mediation" is necessary. The existing level of communication is one determining factor.
Civil rights mediator Efrain Martinez talks about building, losing, and mediating with and without trust.
Mediator Silke Hansen describes how she gained the parties' trust by serving as a one-person rumor control team.
Will Reed explains how establishing communication is key to forming relationships that will allow parties to solve problems over the long term.