Mari Fitzduff talks about her experiences in Northern Ireland and covers everything from peacebuilding to paramilitaries.
Mari Fitzduff tells a story of heroism in the midst of terrible violence.
Sarah Cobb discusses the use of narratives to cope with violence.
Wallace Warfield tells a story that illustrates how sometimes police force, not mediation is more appropriate.
Peter Coleman describes how an abortion dialogue in Boston had its genesis in a shooting.
Angela Khaminwa, Program Officer for Outreach and Communication at The Coexistence Initiative, a project that seeks to address the problem of violence in Kenyan universities by engaging different stakeholders.
CRS mediator Silke Hansen explains the "two taproot" or "two fuse" theory of conflict escalation.
Mediator Julian Klugman describes how he handles violent or potentially violent situations.
Mediator Richard Salem describes how he de-escalated a potentially violent confrontation at the Wounded Knee take-over.
Mediator Ozell Sutton uses humor to de-escalate a situation, though resolution remained elusive.