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From around the web, more insight into the nature of our conflict problems, limits of business-as-usual thinking, and things people are doing to try to make things better.

Beyond Intractability In Context

Beyond Intractability's efforts to promote more constructive approaches to conflict occur within the larger context of efforts to promote wise and equitable solutions to a broad range of social problems. This blog highlights readable news and opinion articles, "infographics" and reports that help us understand the costs--and hence, urgency -- of the conflict problem, the dynamics that make it so difficult,  alternative responses, and innovative success stories about people who have successfully confronted various aspects of the problem in different settings. 


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Recent Posts
  • A skeptical account of the wisdom of many current climate change policies and a preview of emerging conflicts over those policies. Protecting the climate will require more constructive responses. -- The Climate-Change ‘Emergency’ Is Coming for You
  • A review and summary of a new book that examines the complex forces that have led to the United States' wars -- forces that are not as rational, dispassionate, and honorable as we would like to believe. -- Why U.S. Presidents Really Go to War
  • More insight into the dynamics underlying our hyper-polarized society and the role that our conscious actions play in this process. -- Polarization is a choice
  • From Chile, a retrospective and agonizing account of what happens when democracies do, in fact, fail and authoritarians take over. -- I Watched a Democracy Die. I Don’t Want to Do It Again.
  • It is a lot easier to get people to change their opinions and behavior through persuasion. Force tends to lead to backlash, defiance, and intensified conflict. -- Ross Douthat’s Theories of Persuasion

As BI tries to understand the broader context surrounding today's most divisive and intractable conflicts, we have started to compile a list of Newsletters that offer important perspectives that supplement those provided by mainstream news sources.


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