Exercises, Online Tutorials, and Simulations

Heidi Burgess
Guy M. Burgess


August 2019

With the exception of the Online Tutorial on Interpersonal Conflict , all of the rest of these exercises and simulations are ones that Guy and I have used in both undergraduate and graduate conflict courses on Intractable Conflicts, Reconciliation, and general introductory courses (undergrad and grad) on Conflict and Peace. They can all be used in face-to-face settings or in online courses--we have used them in both.

Some of these can also be used in non-classroom settings, particularly the Discussion Guide on Finding Common Ground, which is designed for families, civic groups, and organizations as well as classroom settings.

Exercises to Use in Conflict - Related Courses

Exercises to Use in Courses or other Settings

(Community Groups, Religious Groups, Businesses) or any other group who wants to learn how to better deal with conflict.


Online Tutorial on Interpersonal Conflict

  • How to Stop Fighting -- An interactive, seven-step tutorial for people involved in relationship conflicts. It invites users to "step through" fictitious (but very relatable) conflict scenarios, experimenting with potential approaches by each party. The tutorial offers helpful advice for de-escalating a conflict and making it more constructive, while warning users about approaches that may have the opposite effect.


Metagraphic Image Credit: Source: https://pixabay.com/photos/feedback-confirming-businessmen-3653368/; Permission: Pixabay License