Colleague Activities

We are always looking for people doing interesting, intractable conflict-related projects to feature on our Colleague Activities Blog. See the Blog Homepage for information on how to submit your work.

  • The Democrats’ Patriotism Problem
    The next installment in a three-part look at things that Democrats might do to broaden their appeal enough to start diffusing our hyper-polarized politics. This one focuses on the trouble that progressives often have acknowledging that there are good things about America.
  • Institute for Economics and Peace
    The Institute for Economics and Peace aims to create a paradigm shift in the way the world thinks about peace. They do this by developing global and national indices, calculating the economic cost of violence, analyzing country level risk and fragility, and understanding positive peace.
  • Livingroom Conversations' Ranked-Choice Voting Conversation Guide
    Information about how ranked choice voting works and a guide for having a constructive conversation about it.
  • Health and Democracy Index
    When communities vote, they influence policy decisions that have a big effect on their health. This analysis compares 12 public health indicators and voter turnout to the restrictiveness of voting policies in each state.
  • Peacebuilding, Conflict and Community Development
    How do local communities effectively build peace and reconciliation before, during and after open violence? A book with practical examples, from the Global North, the former Soviet bloc, and Global South.
  • Actually, You Don’t Know That Much
    An exploration of what happens when we are so convinced that we are right that we think that anyone who disagrees with us is stupid and probably evil.
  • Common Ground Committee's Podcast: Let's Find Common Ground
    A podcast exploring paths to more progress and less division. How to find common ground with "the other side."
  • In Ohio, one man’s quest to get more voters to agree to disagree
    The story of one man in Ohio who has started Dinner and a Fight--a dialogue process to get people talking across differences.
  • The Reagan Revolution Was Built on Compromise
    For those on the right who do not feel that the changes they seek can be achieved through compromise, a reminder of what Ronald Reagan was able to accomplish.
  • How to rise above partisan politics to uphold our democracy
    As we celebrate the International Day of Democracy, here are seven ways to mobilize citizens across differences as partisans for democracy. An article from Julia Roig.
  • Imagining a better future for American democracy, with Suzette Brooks Masters
    A much more positive way of looking at democracy's problems -- instead of focusing on things that are going wrong, focus on things that could go right.
  • National Civic League
    The mission of the National Civic League is to advance civic engagement to create equitable, thriving communities. We achieve this by inspiring, supporting and recognizing inclusive approaches to community decision-making.
  • Team Democracy
    Team Democracy's mission is to rally all Americans - and especially those who we elect to represent us - to a shared identity, and a shared commitment to democracy. They work especially on assuring safe and fair elections.
  • Polarization and Social Change Lab
    Our work is focused on developing practical scientific knowledge in three main areas: paths to political consensus, reducing harms of polarization, and effective strategies of social activism.
  • Police2Peace
    Police2Peace is a national nonprofit with members from the activist and police communities. Its mission is to unite police departments and communities around programs that uplift and heal them.
  • Not in Our Town
    NIOT is a movement to stop hate, address bullying, and build safe, inclusive, communities for all, using film, social media, and community organizing. NIOT helps local leaders build vibrant, diverse cities and towns for everyone.
  • Meet the People Working on Getting Us to Hate Each Other Less
    A great summary, with lots of links, to the projects that are making massively parallel efforts to defuse hyper-polarization a reality.
  • The Horizons Project
    The Horizons Project recognizes the urgency for a social movement to protect democracy to come together now in the United States. Our vision, mission and values represent our deep commitment to systems-level organizing with the existing ecosystem of social change.
  • YOUnify
    YOUnify is a nonprofit project which works to (1) reduce polarization and cultural division by uniting people from business, philanthropy, impact investing, non-profits, government, inter-faith, arts , media, and grassroots organizations working to problem solve together.
  • Finding the Way Out: A Once-a- Day Political Courage Challenge
    This is an invitation to look deeply but kindly within yourself and work with others to fight the toxic division that’s tearing our country apart.  Based on the research of our colleague Peter Coleman.
  • The New Pluralists
    New Pluralists is a funder collaborative focused on supporting the growing field of practitioners, storytellers, researchers, and innovators working to foster a culture of pluralism in America.
  • Climate Protest Tracker
    A one-stop source for following global trends in climate policy protests since 2022 from the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
  • America is in a ‘Great Pulling Apart.’ Can we pull together?
    In the context of today's complex challenges, an insightful, personal attempt to imagine a democratic society in which we would all like to live.
  • Bridging Divides & Strengthening Democracy: From Science to Practice
    The conference presented the approaches that most effectively reduced anti-democratic attitudes, support for political violence, and partisan animosity. Recordings of the sessions are available here.
  • The Persuaders
    A new book by Anand Giridharadas that profiles activists, politicians, educators, and everyday citizens who are effectively changing minds, bridging divisions, and fighting for democracy.