Moving Beyond Intractability Blogs

Moving Beyond Intractability has six blogs.  The newest is the Constructive Conflict Blog, which we just started in March of 2020, in response to the COVID19 crisis. Two others are "blogged" versions of our two primary seminars, the other three are separate.

  1. BI/CRQ Discussion—The Hyper-Polarization Crisis: a Conflict Resolution Challenge — Thinking about what more those with conflict resolution and peacebuilding expertise can do to defend liberal democracies while also helping them live up to their ideals.
  2. The Constructive Conflict Initiative Blog - looking particularly at our current predicaments of COVID, race, inequality, and hyperpolarization, and more broadly supporting the goals of the CCI.
  3. The Conflict Frontiers Blog - this blog is the same as the MBI Conflict Frontiers Seminar, except here the posts are listed from most recent to first.
  4. The Conflict Fundamentals Blog - this blog is the same as the MBI Conflict Fundamentals Seminar, except here the posts are listed from most recent to first.
  5. The Things You Can Do to Help Blog - this blog highlights things everyone--not just powerful people, not just important or rich people--but everyone of us --can do to help limit the dynamics that lead to destructive and intractable conflicts. 
  6. The Beyond Intractability in Context Blog - This blog (which used to be called the Additional Resources Blog) highlights readable news articles, editorials, and reports that put other BI and MBI materials in context and help us see "the big picture" of conflict intractability and its transformation.
  7. The Colleague Activities Blog  - This blog highlights activities of our many colleagues who are also doing interesting and valuable work in this and related fields.
  8. The CIC Newsletter - A monthly (or so) essay and list of notable posts from the last month.