Colleague Activities

As part of our effort to support those working on related projects, we are including this blog to give MOOS participants an opportunity to highlight the work that they are doing (as well as the work of others that they would like to recommend). 

All submissions are subject to approval and we ask only that participants follow a few simple and common sense ground rules:

  • The post must reflect address some aspect of the intractable conflict problem in a constructive way.
  • Advocacy projects must reflect an honest effort to be as constructive as possible, trying to understand and work with –or at least not further alienate--adversaries wherever possible. (We aren’t concerned about alienating leaders if they are acting unacceptably, but we are concerned about alienating grassroots followers who might otherwise  be encouraged to engage in constructive conflict.) On the other hand, we realize this is a controversial stance we are taking, so we welcome a discussion about it, and we won't censor colleague activity posts unless we think they are really harmful to conflict resolution and peacebuilding efforts over the longterm.

Please fill out one of our Colleague Activities Forms to submit something for inclusion in this Blog.